Mr. Millar has over 25 years of international real estate and finance experience, having worked on Wall Street in New York, London, England, Hong Kong and Toronto. Mr. Millar began his career with the banking arm of the Dow Chemical Company before moving to New York to work in leveraged buyouts. Mr. Millar moved to Asia in the early 1990s to build an international commercial finance business for a leading Malaysian finance company. During this time, Mr. Millar extensively financed property development in the UK and the United States; an activity that continued on his return to Canada. During the past ten years, as President of York London Holdings, Mr. Millar has acquired, built and sold over 1 million square feet of commercial real estate and continues to manage a number of buildings in the GTA. Recent acquisitions include a number of key development sites in the Toronto area, commercial buildings in the downtown core and residential land zoned for future building. Additionally, Mr. Millar is involved in the financing of a number of key mining interests in Canada and the United States. Mr. Millar has long experience of investment with technology companies and is currently involved in building companies that are involved in mobile media. Mr. Millar has a B.Sc. in Land Management, an M.A. in Victorian Literature from the University of London and an M.B.A. in Finance from the University of the City of London.